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In Brief...

Regatta Master 4 Released!

Regatta Master 4 is now available for download!

Ten years in the making, Regatta Master 4 is a complete do-over - new user interface, new back-end database, .NET technology, and loads of ...


The Software

Regatta Master is a complete regatta management software solution, for rowing and related sports. Managing regattas for over twenty-two years, Regatta Master has proven itself at some of the world's largest venues.

Scalable in functionality and cost, Regatta Master can take a regatta of any size from registration to results.


Regatta Master Online

An interactive website, the Regatta Master Online is a new standard for providing live event information, from draws to results.

With a rich level of data pushed to the web by the Regatta Master software, race information and results can be viewed, and analyzed with a powerful toolset, by anyone with an internet connected device.


Cloud Computing

Regatta Master offers high performance Remote Desktop cloud servers, hosted on Microsoft Azure, ready with the latest version of Regatta Master, preconfigured for your regatta.

Affordably priced, this service simplifies multi-user operations and minimizes computer and network resources at the venue.



Regatta Master is committed to support excellence, as our long-time users attest.

Things have to go right on race day, and we offer the support to make sure they do. From pre-race setup and planning to the last race of the regatta, we are there to help.