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What Our customers are saying about Regatta Master

I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased we are with your Regatta Master Software. My profession is computer technology and I can say without a doubt that the features and functions in your software are truly a bargain. Custom software such as yours usually costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars, plus support. Your willingness to provide and support your product for such a reasonable price is truly exceptional. Thank you for supporting the rowing community as you do! Again, thank you for such a GREAT product, keep up the good work!
Submitted By Rick Hughes
South Niagara Rowing Club
Welland, Ontario, Canada
"I have been using Regatta Master here in New Zealand for more than 4 years. Steve has always been incredibly helpful and supportive of the system. He very quickly designed systems to integrate the Rowing NZ online entry data format to Regatta Master. It has been used across all regattas from the small club regatta to Championship - multi day regattas. The latest iteration works superbly. I have to say, as an Apple Mac user, Regatta Master is well worth using a PC for! While the learning curve may be steep the view from the top is well worthwhile. I like the inbuilt timing system, the Internet upload for results and in particular the email ability that is built right into the system. While I have not used the club side of the system I can see that it would have a real application for a bigger club wanting to track all its members.
Submitted By Rob Bristow
Rowing New Zealand
New Plymouth, Aotearoha, New Zealand
The National Rowing Championships of Great Britain have selected Regatta Master to replace their tried and tested, but ageing, management software. The key factors in this decision were Regatta Master's compatibility with the OARA online entries system used by most English regattas, the comprehensive scheduling and race-management features, the wealth of reports and ease of extracting information, the high quality of support, and its value for money. 2009 will see networked information available to the organisers throughout the three days of the regatta, for the first time. Several reporting functions that formerly took hours are expected to be completed in minutes, as well as improving the quality and presentation of information for competitors. Another bonus are export files for the draw, which are compatible with the on-site systems at two of the UK's main regatta venues – the National Water Sports Centre at Nottingham and Strathclyde Country Park in Scotland. We are excited about the plans for version 4 and look forward to its arrival.
Submitted By David Jillings
National Rowing Championships of Great Britain
Kingston upon Thames, England
We have used the Regatta Master system for several years. The system streamlines the preparation for regattas and produces results accurately, efficiently and effortlessly. The most important factor in choosing the Regatta Master system is the fantastic technical support provided by Steve and his company. Steve is always there to answer your questions and help you work through any snags that you may hit in a regatta. I can’t say enough about the support that Regatta Master provides. They are the best!!!
Submitted By David Millar
Regina Rowing Club
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
This is a fantastic piece of software that offers the regatta organizer as much or little detail as the user wants. In our experience over several regattas it’s been a rock solid reliable tool, that produces accurate and professional schedules and results. The level and promptness of service are unparalleled. I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to generate results.
Submitted By Jon Beare
Shawnigan Lake School
Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada
"We have used RegattaMaster 2007 to time the Head of the Lake Regatta in 2007 and 2008. Large head races are among the most difficult events to organize and time. RegattaMaster served very well both times, not only because it is excellent software, but, especially, because of Steve's outstanding personal support -- which is the best of its many excellent features. I have timed this race on home-brewed software, worked with outside companies hired to do it and this is unquestionably the best solution and an amazing value. I am recommending that we use it again in 2009. This time we should set it up early and use its organizational features to run the regatta with a lot less labor and adrenalin.
Submitted By John Alberti
Lake Washington Rowing Club
Seattle, WA, USA
The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta switched over to Regatta Master in 2008 after CHRC purchased a new Finish Lynx timing system for the regatta facilities. We were faced with the daunting task of integrating this new technology into what we had already built to run our yearly event which hosts over 3000 athletes from 150 or more Rowing Clubs in a 6 day event with races every 7 minutes 8 to 10 hours per day. After consulting with many of our local Clubs and fellow events in Southern Ontario we settled on using Regatta Master. Needless to say we had many concerns on how we would possibly configure a "shrink-wrapped" regatta management software package to fit a regatta of our size and intricacy, not to mention the small amount of time we had to bring it on line and get our legion of volunteers familiar and comfortable. Steve Jensen was a huge part of our success in moving things forward. We are very happy with the success of last year's regatta and look forward to even greater integration on site as we continue to build on our technological growth which is being built around Steve's product. This year we are rebuilding our own on-line registration system and real time results which will assist us to deliver a great end user experience for our Clubs and athletes. At the RCHR there is no Bronze Medal, no Silver Medal - only Gold. Steve Jensen and Regatta Master deserve a Gold Medal!
Submitted By Bryan Perry, Henley Commission Member - CHRC BOD Rep.
Royal Canadian Henley Regatta
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
I took the plunge and used regatta master for our annual junior champs which is held over 3 days , using the system with finish lynx , we had a good experience and not once did the system let us down. I certainly recommend it for the ease of use and integration into finish lynx. Reports are meaniful and the web publishing makes it a winner for spectator who make use of the facility.
Submitted By Clive Murray
Rowing South africa
Gauteng Rowing Officials Association
From first contact to final result posting, Steve Jensen and RegattaMaster delivered seamless software and support for our 2017 NC Youth Rowing Championship. The inevitable adjustments to race entries and event details were handled smoothly with the robust software and instant support by phone on race day. Results were posted via Twitter BEFORE rowers landed at the launch/recovery ramp! A huge thanks is due to Steve Jensen for his care in writing this program and supporting it so effectively. The software played its perfect role- appearing invisible and functioning perfectly, allowing everyone- rowers, coaches, parents and even the Results desk to enjoy the day!
Submitted By Mike Hitchcock
High Point / Greensboro Rowing Club
High Point & Greensboro NC
I just finished timing the 2022 Henley Regatta. This is the fourth regatta that I have timed this year using FinishLynx and Regatta Master 4; with the Henley Masters and Henley Championship regattas being the largest of all of the regattas that I have timed this year. We moved from Regatta Master 3 to Regatta Master 4 with considerable success; along with the support that Steve Jensen provides it was a fairly painless process. With Regatta Master 4, with a Microsoft SQL Server backend, we have found that the program runs much faster than the old RM3 with an Microsoft Access backend and with a lot less issues. With a number of tasks now incorporated into a single button, yet still fully configurable, we are able to get the results out much faster with less issues than the older RM3. I also find that the new Progression Engine offers much more flexibility than the one that was in RM3. In addition, once you understand how the progression engine works, it is very easy to define your progression rules in the program; from very simple Heats to Finals to complex rules that the Henley Regatta uses. In addition, many progression rules are defined, ready to import into your regatta. Steve, keep up the Great work on an awesome program to manage from small to large regattas. Thank you Rick Hughes Regatta Timing and Support for regattas held in Welland, Ontario, London, Ontario and St. Catharines, Ontario.
Submitted By Rick Hughes
Niagara Regional Timing
Welland, Ontario, Canada

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