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Remote Desktop Server

Regatta Master Cloud Servers

Regatta Master is a multi-user Windows application, which can be run on a stand-alone PC or networked on a LAN; however, the best multi-user environment in terms of performance and ease of administration is a Remote Desktop Server. 

The benefits of using Regatta Master on a Remote Desktop Server include:

  1. The software only needs to be installed and updated on one computer - the server.
  2. A Remote Desktop Server can be accessed via wi-fi or 3G/4G networks with good performance. 
  3. This configuration tolerates interruption of connectivity, as the user session continues when the client is disconnected.
  4. The Remote Desktop client is built into Windows operating systems, and a Mac version is available for download, so most PC/laptop users can log in and use Regatta Master.
  5. Regatta committees can work independently and concurrently on the regatta, from anywhere.
We offer Windows 2016 Servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud for maximum performance and reliability.  Our cloud servers are available by the week (please see Pricing).  The servers are configured with the latest revision of Regatta Master with up to 10 concurrent users, registered to your organization, set to your regional settings and time zone, and include all required and optional supporting software (FTP server, Regatta Master Timer, Skype, etc.).

A cloud server minimizes the technology infrastructure needed at the racing venue - generally you just need laptops and (optionally) a printer, plus a minimum of 3G internet connectivity.  The laptops do not need to be networked to each other - they just need to connect to the server.