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Regatta Master Online

Imagine you could open a browser on your laptop, home computer, iPad or Kindle (or even a smart phone) and see your regatta results – not just the last one, but every regatta you were in this year… and last year… and the year before. Imagine you can do that during the regatta, and see results and lane draws as they happen. And imagine you can filter all this, sort it the way you want it, move the columns around, hide them, or add more information. Group the data so you can do comparisons. Drill down to details like splits statistics and see who is in each boat. Export your results to Excel for further analysis.

Regatta Master Online does all this, and a lot more.

The uses of the RMO are many. Besides the obvious ability to look up results, RMO is used for seeding and entry qualification, researching athlete racing history, and provides a virtual web site for regattas to post announcements, sponsorship links, draws and schedules.  During the regatta, it is used to publish and look up boat status, weigh-in status and cox deadweight requirement, lane draws, and updated schedules by regatta, club, and athlete.

Regatta Master Online is evolving.  As we add features, there will be links to regatta documents as well as multimedia resources related to the regatta or specific crews or athletes.