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About Us


Regatta Master is an integrated multi-user Windows application for regatta sports, to manage all aspects of regattas from registration to results. Although developed for rowing, it works quite well for kayak, outrigger canoe and dragon boat competitions.

First released in September 2002, Regatta Master is in its 3rd major version, and is used by regattas worldwide. The current version, Regatta Master 2012 (version 3.2) features a completely rewritten timing management interface, as well as integrated ‘live’ publishing to the web, and a number of improvements in seeding and progression.

With the release of the current version, Regatta Master has expanded its services to include Cloud Services and the Regatta Master Reporting Services, as well as pre-race and race-day support packages, both remote and onsite.


Regatta Master left the drawing board at a time when regattas managed with stop watches and Excel spreadsheets. Timely results were somewhat rare, especially if handicap calculations were involved, and the manual process was tedious, slow, and subject to human error. The original purpose of Regatta Master was to provide flexible, affordable software that most, if not all regattas of any size could use to produce fast and accurate draws, schedules, and results. With built-in timing, as well as integration with FinishLynx and the ability to input times from stopwatches, Regatta Master could produce results while the boats were still on the water. As Regatta Master has evolved, though, so has our vision. The dominating role of the internet in information sharing, as well as the prevalence of mobile information devices and social media, have given us the ability to provide regatta information almost instantaneously in almost any format.

The Regatta Master Online initiative extends Regatta Master’s ability to publish fast and accurate results, but it is much more than that. The RMO is designed to not only publish timely regatta information, but provide coaches, regatta management, athletes, and governing organizations with analytic and historic data across regattas. The value of this information increases as more regattas publish to the RMO. Coaches can analyze weigh-in history for lightweight athletes, athletes and clubs can track team performance, and regattas and governing organizations can use the information for compliance and identification.