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Regatta Master 4 Released!

By: regattamaster

Regatta Master 4 is now available for download!

Ten years in the making, Regatta Master 4 is a complete do-over - new user interface, new back-end database, .NET technology, and loads of functionality that was not possible on the old VBA/Access platform.  It has been in limited beta since fall of 2019, via our cloud app server, but now you can download it and use it on your own laptop!

In re-writing Regatta Master, we addressed the limitations and pain points of version 3.x, then went beyond that to collaborate with, and provide integrations to other systems that expand our capabilities.

Here's a quick list of the major functionality improvements:

  • Seamless two-way integration with RegattaCentral, including the ability to update entries within Regatta Master, create and modify events, move entries between events, change entry lineups, and directly look up athletes in the RegattaCentral system.  Data exchange is orders of magnitude faster than the previous version.

  • Powerful, full-featured end user report designer.  Modify standard (built-in) reports or create from scratch with the New Report Wizard.  Portrait and landscape templates standardize the look/feel of reports and take the tedium out of formatting repetitive elements like report header and footer.  Templates include both header and footer graphics.  Drag and drop tree-view report manager.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduler makes scheduling quick and flexible.  Assign races to flights with flexible lane/bow renumbering options.  

  • One-click race publishing.  Publishing Jobs allow creating tasks for printing, publishing to Regatta Master Online, RegattaCentral and Twitter, emailing reports to distribution lists, or exporting to files.  Tasks can be defined for different race statuses. In the race screen, you can start a publishing job and immediately move to the next race.  The job runs in the background so there is no waiting for one task to finish before starting another.

  • One-click progression.  For one event or the whole regatta, you can update progression at any time.  When progression levels are ready, boats are advanced by rules to the next level.  Audit report shows origin and destination for all the boats in the current level. 

  • Timing integration with CrewTimer and FinishLynx as well as our RM Timer timing software.  CrewTimer integration includes penalty reporting, and boat tracking, too!

  • Concept2 ErgRace integration - our new software works with their new venue racing software, creating the race files for both time and distance race formats, and importing/publishing the results to Regatta Master Online web and mobile apps, and optionally RegattaCentral's as well.

  • Multiple points systems - unlike the prior system, which was limited to one points system per regatta, Regatta Master 4.0 allows multiple points systems per event.  

    Regatta Master 4.0 publishes a primary points system to RegattaCentral.  This was first seen at the 2019 Head of the Charles, where viewers could see real-time points updates on RegattaCentral.

There is a lot more under the hood, and a lot more on the Regatta Master roadmap, like multi-language capability (for Regatta Master software as well as our web apps), high-precision GPS-based timing, video links on the mobile app for replays of live streaming, and 'push' data updates to the web apps to mention a few big things.  

Stay tuned ...

Ergomania first with RMO race links

By: regattamaster

The Pocock Center's  2015 Ergomania indoor rowing event in Seattle was the first to use the new 'links' feature in Regatta Master Online (RMO), with links to the Concept2 Replay online application.  This allows users to replay erg races at a selected speed.

The 'links' feature currently shows links to related resources for races, but will also include links at the regatta level and the boat level (results).

To see this, follow this link:


Click on the 'links' icon in the details column to bring up a list of links.


















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