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Regatta Master Pricing

Regatta Master Organizational License

This is a one-time fee per organization, which registers the organization with Regatta Master and allows our software to be installed on any computer used by that organization.  It also includes 2 hours of on-line training, and all software updates. 

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  • $99.00/ per organization

Regatta Master Seat Fee

Regatta licensing is usage-based, which makes pricing fair to regattas of all sizes.  The usage fee is based on seat count. 
  • $0.50/seat (excluding coxswains)

Cloud Servers

Regatta Master cloud servers are Microsoft Azure virtual machines, preconfigured with Regatta Master and related software, for up to 10 concurrent users.  See http://www.regattamaster.com/Site/RemoteDesktopServer.aspx for more information. 
  • Tier 1 (4 cores, 7Gb RAM) - $125.00/week
  • Tier 2 (8 cores, 14Gb RAM) - $225.00/week

Support Services

  • Remote support (hourly) - $75.00/hr
  • Remote support (per day) - $500.00
  • Onsite support (per day) - $500.00 plus travel, lodging and meals reimbursement

*All prices listed in U.S. dollars, (USD)