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regatta master 2012

Regatta Master 2012

Regatta Master is a Windows program that handles all aspects of managing a regatta, from registration to results.

The database format used by Regatta Master 2012 is Access 2007, so that end users can use a variety of standard reporting tools to augment the reports in the program.

Operating systems supported by Regatta Master 2012: Windows 7 and higher, Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher. Mac users can run Regatta Master on OS X using Windows with Parallels VM software. Regatta Master is multi-user, and can be used in a wired LAN or Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) configuration.

Regatta Master is integrated with Regatta Master Online, an interactive web application for presenting extensive information about regattas, including announcements, sponsorship and general information, results, schedules, draws, entries, and rosters.

Key Features

Regatta Master is complete multi-user regatta management software for Windows, handling all aspects of running rowing and related regatta-sports events from registration to results. Here are just some of the features:

  • Robust progression engine to handle complex progression scenarios.
  • Calculates absolute, baseline and relative handicaps.
  • Events organized by event type for flexible and scalable regatta management. Fast, easy scheduling and lane/bow draws.
  • Control commission functions for penalties and weigh-ins.
  • Built-in timing to millisecond precision, accepts manual times, and integrates with Concept2 Venue Racing Application and FinishLynx timing systems.
  • Live publishing to Regatta Master Online included.
  • Tightly integrated with RegattaCentral online registration system to provide an end-to-end solution for regatta organizers. Manual or built-in points calculation. Manages awards and trophies.
  • Volunteer tracking and scheduling.
  • Extensive management reports, including exception and turnaround reports.
  • User-configurable charges for scratches, substitutions, and other fees.
  • Detailed statement of charges and payments.
  • Web Timing Service and Live Timing Server allow results to be displayed on RMO and RegattaCentral in real time.

 Version History Summation

The first commercial release of Regatta Master was version 3.0. It's debut in September 2002 was the end of 4 years of development and field testing .... and the beginning of several more years of refinement, enhancements, and corrections.

After 5 years of faithful service, Regatta Master 3.0 was retired. It's replacement was Regatta Master 2007 (version 3.1), which was released in October 2007.

After a successful run of over 4 years, Regatta Master 2007 moved aside for its successor, Regatta Master 2012 (3.2). RM 2012 takes a great leap forward in terms of timing functionality and real-time integrated web publishing.

System Requirements

Regatta Master 2012 runs on Windows 7 or higher and Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher.. Mac users may run Regatta Master on OS X by running Windows on Parallels VM software.

NOTE:  Microsoft support for XP ended on April 8, 2014.

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