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Regatta Results & History

Asked by: Robert Dansereau
Is there a way of associating my regatta results to my newly-created Regatta Master account? I noticed there seems to be at least two versions of my name/info in your system; one is associated with "Robert Dansereau" of the Winnipeg Rowing Club, and the other (for this year's regattas) is associated with "Rob Dansereau", same club, but for the Western Canada Sprints Regatta that just happened this past weekend.

I've also noticed other similar issues, such as the registration for my girlfriend, Laurie Van Middlesworth; She has entries for the 2012 Head of the Mississippi with her correct name, and entries for the same regatta this past weekend under "Lori Van Middlesworth" (wrong spelling).

Can anything be done with this?
Asked Tue Jun 16 2015 14:27:12 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
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Answered by Regatta Master
Regatta Master does not maintain a central database of athletes, but simply reports what is entered in our software by the regatta. The issue of duplicate athletes is unfortunately common. This happens when people entering regattas through RegattaCentral do not find their name in the available roster(s) and add it again. Sometimes it is spelling, other times a difference in birthdates, which happens when a coach or other club entrant does not know the birthdate of an athlete and makes one up, which makes the athlete record different even if the name is spelled correctly. If the regatta did not use RegattaCentral, the chance for duplicates is even greater, as manually entered athletes may not have a birthdate at all, and certainly can have spelling variations or misspellings. Regatta Master Online tries to show the history of an athlete regardless of source, but uses RegattaCentral's ID if RC is the registrar, and first name, last name and birthdate if not. So there can be duplication, which is beyond our control. We have recently added the ability to log into the RMO with Regatta Master credentials, which will allow the user to 'map' athlete records to their account as you have suggested; however this functionality is not yet implemented.
Answered Tue Jun 16 2015 12:55:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
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