Revision 49 of Regatta Master 2012 is available for download on our Downloads page.  This revision has significant changes, as well as some fixes.

The main change is the ability to set race distance, interval systems, and prognostic meters per second (MPS) in an event's progression levels, overriding the settings defined in the Event Type to which the event belongs.  This feature allows races of different distances within the same event, or events with different distances in the same event type.

This change carries through to Regatta Master Online, where distance is now reported on the Races page as well as all results pages.

Also in Regatta Master Online, there are new statistics at the result and interval levels - 500m split time, average stroke rate, MPS, and percentage of actual MPS to prognostic MPS.

Another new feature is the ability to clone entries, either individually or in a selection list.  This is useful for seat racing situations, where an entry races in one heat, then races again with a slightly different crew.

The default sprint progression system FISA Compatible 1, now has default progression levels and entry cases for 6 lanes and up to 18 entries per event.

A new Head Race progression system has been added, which is used for head races that race individual events rather than combining events into one flight.

Last, the crew assignment screen has been rewritten to make data entry faster.