Based on feedback and reported issues we have released Revision 6 of RM Timer, which has the following changes:

  • Built-in FTP now runs in a separate thread as a background task, returning control immediately to the user.  Previously the user got a wait cursor (hourglass) during the FTP upload operation, during which times could not be recorded.

  • Documentation for the FTP functions has been improved.

  • FTP connect and idle timeouts have been set to a low value to address reported issues where upload operations took a minute or longer.

  • The timing database is automatically backed up prior to initializing it,  This prevents accidental loss of timing history.

  • Time Calculator now allows negative time values, so subtraction calculations can be done as well as additions.

  • Fixed bug in initial installation caused by default font size not having an initial value.

  • Regatta name and timing station name now saved in the timing database.  Previously they were saved in the profile, so if a database from another regatta was opened in a profile, the name of the regatta did not display on the timing screen.

  • The stopwatch time window  has been changed so that the list does not refresh to the top when times are applied or unapplied.  The focus now stays on the selected record.