Revision 47, released today, has a number of new features.

The main change is the addition of a Special Category list in the entries.  This imports a special medals list from RegattaCentral (or you can create your own), which can be assigned to entries for classifying entries within an event or identifying boats for special awards within an event.  The abbreviation can be added, in parentheses, to the boat description.  

Along with this feature is the ability to lock a manually entered results placing in a race, so that recalculating results does not change the place of the locked boat(s).  This allows you to set the placing of special category winners within a race for reporting purposes.

Another interesting new feature is 'descriptive margins'.  This feature allows the regatta to assign descriptive text to the margins of boats behind the winning boat in a race.  This list is user-defined to match the convention of the specific regatta.  For instance, the list could include 'bowball', 'length', 'canvas', 'deck', 'horizon', etc to describe the distance of finishers from the winning boat.  This text will be included in web results and there is also a heat results report formatted for this method of ranking boats in a race.

Revision 47 also includes the ability to lock the schedule so that manual changes cannot be accidentally undone by  clicking the Recalculate Schedule button on the Schedule tab.

For a complete list of changes and fixes in Revision 47, please download the Revision History report from the website.