Regatta Master Tracker 1.0 has been released and is available on our Downloads page (log in, then go to Support, Downloads).

RM Tracker is a stand-alone native Windows application which publishes boat tracking events, such as launch and recovery, cox weight, and penalties to RM Tracker Mobile (  You can see sample data in the 2015 Anytown Demo Regatta, which is not password-protected.

RM Tracker features:

  • Data entry and data consumption are done on separate applications.  By separating data entry from data consumption, regattas are able use fewer computers, since consumers of the information can use mobile phones, iPads or any internet-connected mobile device with a browser to view tracking information.

  • Using a native Windows program for data entry provides a richer control set and better user experience than browser-based apps.

  • Tracking items are stored locally so tracking can continue whether or not internet connection is present.  When lost internet connection is restored, all unpublished tracking items are uploaded automatically.

  • Three levels of security give the regatta flexibility is granting access to tracking.  The regatta can grant unrestricted access, restrict access to regatta personnel, or additionally allow guest access.

  • User-defined tracking codes and stations allow regattas to set up tracking in a configuration that best suits their operations.  Station types allow tracking codes to be grouped by function.

  • Tracking codes and locations can integrate with the penalty management system in Regatta Master 4.0, giving regattas the ability to report penalties on the race course and manage them centrally in Regatta Master, where they are incorporated into results.

  • Multiple computers can be logged into the same tracking station with different defaults.  An example of how this would be used is at the launch site of a sprint regatta, where tracking items might include issuing a bow number, boat safety check, and launching.  Different people can perform these actions at the same station.