If you are reading this, you are looking at the new Regatta Master website.

The new site, besides having a new look, has updated content and a number of new features.

First, we have changed the login process, so please read this part when logging in to the new site for the first time:

The user account is now your email address.  Click Login, and click Recover My Password.  Type in the email address your original account was linked to.  You will receive an email with a temporary password.  Type your email address in the appropriate box and paste the temporary password into the password box.  You will go to the Profile page.  Update your profile and change your password to something you'll remember.  That's it!

Other changes - we have replaced the old forum with a simpler Q & A page, which also includes the FAQ.  Here you can post  and search questions, report software issues, and request new features.

We have also added a photo and video gallery where we post contributions from Regatta Master users around the world - send us cool pictures or video clips from your event, and we'll post them for everyone to see.

There is now a tutorial library on the Support page so you don't have to search through the forum posts for them.  Stay tuned for more content.

Hover your mouse over the flags at the bottom of the page and see the Regatta Master regattas in each country.  Click Regattas on the menu to go to Regatta Master Online (formerly Regatta Master Reporting Service).  Click on What's New to see this and other news items as well as a calendar of events.  And check out the new Developer's Blog.