Regatta Master was used for the first time by the Marlow Regatta, June 15-16 at Eton Dorney, GRB.  The regatta used a Regatta Master cloud server, and did live results publishing.  Primary timing was the built-in timing system, with timing stations at each 500m point connected via 3G or 4G.  Web publishing was used extensively for the draw, announcements, and sponsorship coverage as well as live publishing of interim and final results during the regatta.

In addition to utilizing most of the existing functionality of Regatta Master, the regatta was the first to use the new control commission publishing.

Racing on Saturday was 2000m on 5 minute centers.  The regatta stayed close to schedule despite windy conditions.  Sunday's 1000m races went right on schedule.

There were more than 8,000 visits to the regatta landing page on the Regatta Master Reporting Service prior to the regatta, with over 15,000 visits to date.

Overall, the regatta organizers were pleased with this first experience with Regatta Master, stating it was 'an almost unqualified success'.