Regatta Master has partnered with CTL to offer a Windows 10 tablet/netbook convertible for timing and/or running Regatta Master.  This computer is ruggedized for outdoor use, has 8-10 hours battery life, and comes preloaded with RM Timer 3.0.

Now for less than the price of an iPad, you can have a full-blown PC with Windows 10 Home, 4Gb RAM, 60GB SSD hard drive, Intel Celeron processor, and multi-touch 11.6" screen (with included stylus).  When folded up, it functions as a touch-screen laptop.  When folded back it functions as a tablet.  Built-in front/back camera, wired and wireless LAN, bluetooth, outputs for audio and external monitor,  USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, and 1 year parts/labor warranty.

We have prototyped and tested this unit at several regattas over the past few months, and are pleased with the performance, reliability, and long battery life.

The price of this computer is $499 USD.  Options include carrying bag, 128GB SSD upgrade, and 3-year warranty upgrade.  Your choice of colors (as long as it's black).

Please go to our store to see the specs, photos and accessories for the new tablet/PC and get a quote.