Live Timing, the latest extension of the Regatta Master Timing Service, is now in operation.

Prior to Live Timing, users needed to run a polling instance of Regatta Master to periodically update the interim times in Regatta Master Online and RegattaCentral.  Regatta Master pulled the times from their various sources for races in progress, calculated intervals, and published them back to RMO.

With the addition of the Timing Service, it is now possible to bypass Regatta Master and have the Timing Service push updates directly to RMO.  Live Timing is essentially the 'middle man', a web service that monitors timing updates and publishes interim times as changes occur.  

Two big benefits of this new service are:

1.  There is no need to have Regatta Master poll for changes and push interim times back to RMO, which simplifies operations and reduces overhead on Regatta Master.

2.  The updates happen in a few seconds, rather than 30-45 seconds as was previously the case.

Live Timing publishes to RegattaCentral's web and mobile apps as well as RMO, so viewers can see real-time race progress on a variety of devices in real time.