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Regatta Master introduces new web Timing Service

By: regattamaster

We are pleased to announce the latest in an ongoing series of new products and services - the Regatta Master Timing Service (RMTS).

The RMTS is a web service that exchanges timing data between Regatta Master and various timing applications.  Currently it works with RM Timer 3.0 (see release announcement), and HOCR's Android Timer.  We are working on an interface with FinishLynx as well.

Here's how it works:

1.  Regatta Master publishes race data needed by the timing applications (ie, race list, boat list) and the list of timing stations in RM that use the RMTS.

2.  RM Timer and other applications loads the data and records times, which are automatically published to the RMTS.

3.  Regatta Master downloads new and changed times and publishes results to Regatta Master Online (RMO).

There are a number of great benefits to the RMTS:

  • There is no need to load or configure FTP software to accomplish the data exchange.
  • Only new or changed times are downloaded, so the workload on RM is fairly constant.
  • Multiple devices can record times for the same timing station.
  • Timing can be monitored and managed by designated administrators with a web browser.
  • By disconnecting timing from Regatta Master, even a head race with multiple timing stations can be managed with a single laptop.

Registered users of Regatta Master can request 'test' versions of past regattas to try out this new service and see for themselves how easy timing a regatta can be.  Just email support@regattamaster.com .

RM Timer 3.0 Released

By: regattamaster

Version 3.0 of Regatta Master Timer has been released.  This version uses the new Regatta Master Timing Service to exchange timing data with Regatta Master, which greatly simplifies setup and timing operations.

In addition to RMTS integration, RM Timer 3.0 allows stopwatch splits to be entered in spreadsheet fashion (time of day offset can be automatically applied to create a race time).

RM Timer can now be set to automatically publish new and updated times to RMTS on a set interval from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.  All publishing runs in a separate memory thread so timing is unaffected by publishing.

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