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Regatta Master 2012 is here!

By: regattamaster

We are pleased to announce the release of Regatta Master 2012 (version 3.2).

Regatta Master 2012 supersedes all previous versions, and includes a number of major changes:

  • Complete re-engineering of timing and related functions, allowing a number of timing input sources within up to 3 timing systems, which can be audited on a race-by-race basis and changed on the fly if needed.
  • Random assignment of progression options and lane priority systems per FISA rules.
  • Live publishing of intervals and results to the Regatta Master Reporting Services web reporting application.
  •  New seeding and progression options.
  • New integration with Concept2 Venue Racing Application.

Please download Regatta Master 2012 and see the changes!

Regatta Master 2012 RC1 released!

By: regattamaster

Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of Regatta Master 2012 (version 3.2) was released today.  This version features features significant changes in timing functionality.  Some of the changes in timing are:

  • Global change to computer Time Of Day (TOD) as well as zero-based timing.
  • Variable timing precision to 1/1000 second.
  • Up to 3 timing systems, each of which can use multiple time entry sources.
  • Multiple timing windows.
  • Time entry sources include internal, Lynx, Concept2 Venue Racing Application, manual entry, and file import from XLS or CSV.
  • Audit times between systems, and switch between them on a race-by-race basis.
  • Interval time systems are independent of start/finish time systems, allowing race times from one system and interval times from a different system.
  • Live publishing of in-progress race times to the Regatta Master Reporting Services web reporting application.
  • Completely rewritten user interface to incorporate datasheet views in all screens.
  • Centralized time audit/management functions.

We are excited about the new version of Regatta Master and very excited about getting it into your hands at last!

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