For the first time since 2012, the seat fee for Regatta Master has changed, going from $0.30 to $0.50.  We have tried to hold the line on this, but increased hosting and development costs have made the decision for us.

Since 2012 we have introduced many new products that benefit regattas of all sizes, including:

  • Regatta Master Online (soon to include Regatta Master Mobile for all mobile devices), 
  • RM Timing Service for web-based timing data exchange,  
  • RM Timer for easy, powerful regatta timing on a Windows tablet or laptop, 
  • RM Lynx to integrate FinishLynx to the Timing Service, 
  • Live Results for real-time results (using RM Timer or RM Lynx or a combination of both), 
  • Our powerful yet inexpensive EG24 Windows 10 Timing Tablet/ruggedized laptop convertible.

This year, Regatta Master 4.0 R1 will see first action about mid-summer.  RM4 is a complete rewrite of Regatta Master, incorporating .NET technology and everything we've learned in the past 15 years of Regatta Master 3.x.  Seamless 2-way data sync with RegattaCentral, drag and drop operations, automated progression, one-click or automatic publishing, improved scheduling, full FISA progression implementation, simpler entry matching, and an end-user report designer are all in the first release.  

The R2 release, coming in 2018, will have full multi-language functionality (initially English and French, and whoever is willing to provide us the translating resources to include their preferred language!)

Also coming in this quarter is RM Tracker.  RM Tracker is a design clone of RM Timer, but records tracking events instead of boat times. Tracker integrates with RM Mobile, giving a quick window into what is happening on and off the water - check-ins, weigh-ins, penalties, launch and recovery, and points in-between.

We have come a long way since this project started in 1997.  There is still much to do.  Please support us in our efforts to improve the quality of information in our sport, by continuing to use Regatta Master and provide the input that we need to continue to improve our offerings.