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3rd Time is a Charm at HOCR

By: regattamaster

For the first time since we started producing results for the Head of the Charles in 2011, the Reporting Service was able to hold up to the demand during the regatta. With 1.6 million hits on Saturday and over 4 million on Sunday the Reporting Service, now on the Azure cloud platform, didn't slow down one bit.

As usual, people along the Charles had a difficult time getting to the internet, or even making a cell phone call during the Youth and Championship eights on Sunday, but those with good internet access saw the results quickly throughout the regatta.

Once again, the regatta was blessed with good weather (mostly clear, and a bit windy but rowable).

Revision 36 Released

By: regattamaster

We are pleased to announce to release of Regatta Master 2012 Revision 36, which has significant new functionality.

In this revision, the process of combining races has been changed so that two or more races can be combined, regardless of whether they are finals (the limitation of the previous versions).  This allows groups of races to be timed and, optionally, scheduled together.  The timing for these grouped races is handled like any other race, so they can be published in real time, which was another limitation of the previous versions. 

Revision 36 also is required for publishing to the new cloud-based Regatta Master Reporting Service V3.

Reporting Service is in The Cloud

By: regattamaster

Regatta Master Reporting Service v3 was released today, with a new look, new functionality, and a new home.

When you next visit http://reports.regattamaster.com you will see the Reporting Service as a Windows Azure cloud service, with a cleaner theme, and a powerful new page - All Results.

The new page presents all results of racing in an unfiltered list, allowing the viewer to use the sorting, filtering, and grouping power of the data grid to analyze results across events, gender, and boat type.  With this grid, the user can rank all the boats in the regatta by time, see who the fastest single sculler was, do a medal count by club, see where a boat ranked within a filtered list of other boats, and so on.  It is an ad hoc reporting tool, exportable to Excel for further analysis and reporting.

We wish to thank SkyComp Solutions for their generous support in getting the Reporting Service going 2 years ago.  The application has worked well in their hosting environment, and we are grateful for everything they have done for Regatta Master.  We have made this move because the nature of the application requires extraordinary amounts of resources at times, and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform gives us the scalability on demand that the Reporting Service sometimes requires.


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