The new version of Regatta Master is in beta, and is tentatively scheduled for release on February 20, 2012.  Regatta Master 2012 (version 3.2) features significant changes and enhancements in seeding, scheduling, and progression, as well as integration with Concept2 Venue Racing Application, and real-time publishing to the Regatta Master Reporting Services.

This version also includes features that were released in 3.1 as a beta, such as:

  • Advanced regatta timing, which allows multiple timing input from independent FinishLynx systems.
  • Ability to audit and compare results from different timing inputs and switch between them on a race-by-race basis.
  • Separation of penalty management from timing operations.

With this release, the base license for the software will drop from $399.00 to just $99.00, making it affordable for clubs of all sizes who want to use just the club and program management functions.  Licensing for the regatta management aspects of Regatta Master will change to a usage-based model.  This is basically a seat fee, which goes to support the Reporting Services hosting and ongoing development of Regatta Master in a way that is fair across the board.

2012 will be an exciting year.  Here is what is coming:

  • Phase II of the Reporting Services, which includes reporting by club and athlete.
  • Certification program for timing contractors as a resource for regattas in the countries we serve.
  • Real-time 2-way integration with RegattaCentral registration.
  • Regatta Master Cloud Services, which provides regattas with a fully configured server in the cloud.
  • Consulting services - hire an expert for remote or onsite software management and support.