Revision 45 was released today, with significant enhancements to progression management.

Users will notice a new column on the Schedule tab, showing the status of progression for each race.  The status codes are color-coded, making it easier to spot incomplete progression.  There is also a refresh button to update progression status for the regatta.

On the Timing and Results screen, there is now a Progression tab, where all progression for that event can be managed.  On the Progression tab, there is also a refresh button to update the progression status for all the races in the selected event.

Other enhancements include a seeding status checkbox on the Entries tab, which shows whether an entry has been put into a race.  There is a refresh button on this screen to update seeding status. 

The points system now allows calculating points by crew gender.

Regatta Master Timer revision 52 was released today as well, which changes the race number data type from integer to double (allowing fractional race numbers like 103.1).