We are pleased to announce the release of RM Lynx, which integrates FinishLynx scoreboard output with Regatta Master Timing Service.

RM Lynx is a .NET application that is installed on the FinishLynx laptop.  With minimal configuration it is quickly set up to monitor the Timing Service for event file updates (EVT file), and monitor FinishLynx scoreboard feed for timing data.  Times are pushed to the Timing Service in seconds, and are almost instantly available for interim times on Regatta Master Online (and RegattaCentral web app if the regatta uses RegattaCentral for registration).

Once started, RM Lynx requires no operator interaction, and the operator does not have to do any additional steps while timing (ie, saving LIF files or refreshing the scoreboard).

The release of RM Lynx allows the Timing Service to publish times directly to Regatta Master Online without intermediate processing by Regatta Master software.