Revision 32 of Regatta Master 2012 will be released on Monday, June 3rd.

The big change in this revision is Control Commission.  There is now a new screen for tracking boats from launching to landing, and all these tracking events are published to the Reporting Service.  This allows officials, coaches and other interested persons to view real-time boat status with an iPad, laptop, tablet PC, or even a smart phone.

The new tracking function is completely user-defined, so each regatta can set up and track the things they want to see.

In addition to Control Commission, boat weigh-in status is also now published to the Reporting Service (on the same screen), including coxswain required deadweight (if any).

Coming in Revision 33:

The Reporting Service will include URL links at the regatta, race, and boat level.  This allows the regatta to publish links to regatta documents (such as entry packets, rules, maps, etc.), and links to video, photos and other media related to specific races and crews.