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Revision 22 Released

By: regattamaster

Revision 22 of Regatta Master was released today.  Users who wish to publish to the Reporting Service need to update their program to this version in order to publish.

Some of the significant changes in Rev 22 are:

  • We are moving toward a standardized 'datasheet' view in the master-detail screens, in preparation for Regatta Master 4.0.  Accordingly the Regatta Window tabs have been changed to datasheet views.  There are also additional buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar for freezing/unfreezing and hiding/showing columns.
  • Place and percent of fastest time by age class within a race is now calculated and available in the Field Chooser on the Reporting Services results grids.
  •  Organization screen has been changed to a datasheet view.
  • You now have the option of distibuting multiple entries from one club evenly across heats in the initial draw.
  • On the Schedule tab of the Regatta Window, you can recalculate and (optionally) republish all completed races in the regatta.

Reporting Services R2 released

By: regattamaster

Regatta Master is pleased to announce the R2 release of our Reporting Services web reporting application.  This version is the 2nd phase in a series of feature rollouts.  New in this release:

  • Home page for each regatta, with regatta information and links to the regatta website and regatta contact.
  • Announcements on the home page that are published live from Regatta Master.
  • Sponsorship advertising on the home page, which is managed and published in Regatta Master.  In the upcoming revision 22 of Regatta Master, you can track the page visits as well as sponsor advertising clicks.
  • Pages for lookups by Event, Club and Athlete - drill down to schedules, lineups, and results.
  • Thumbnail menu with links to resources and online help.

Here is a sample regatta with announcements and sponsor ads:


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